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Wed, Aug 26, 2015 9:25 AM

PHOTOSHOP - states panel

Add Statements Panel, with its events: click, rollover, rollout, ... as in fireworks.
It is very useful for design of buttons.
layer compositions is not productive for this.
for higher productivity and order.



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4 years ago

This or even the old version that was integrated from imageready. It'd been awhile since I did any sites myself but just recently decided to start creating sites with Muse. So I figured with all the talk about Muse "talking" with PS that I could design the header with simple rollovers in PS like I used to do. But I find out that we're no longer able to set the rollover states to the layers then export the html and images with the working rollovers. The PSD import in Muse is pretty worthless (if I'm not doing it incorrectly) where I have to first import a composite image as a template. Then go back and import the other layers and assemble them like a puzzle. Anyhow ... there are apparently all sorts of work arounds but it's increases the work/time many fold. Whats the point of "exporting" html and images from PSD if you can't at the very least assign the states to simple rollovers? I wonder if this was an oversight or something intentionally omitted? It's not like it would be a complex programming thing.

Anyhow ... add rollover states and whatever other web options that would make designing for the web more efficient to the wish list for me :)  ) Sorry ... just a little frustrated after searching all over the program for the feature the searching the web for tutorials but finding nothing but ones that show how to make the image for the button .... then ending before showing how states were applied.