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Wed, Jan 15, 2014 9:33 AM


Photoshop: Separate selection history

a selection history option is very helf full, in making color correction for photographs (like history pannle in photoshop)


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4 years ago

I've also been wanting this for a long time. Making alpha channels is nice, but your selections will frequently change, and the effort required to manually update alphas all the time can be cumbersome for some workflows. The color selection history is an awesome step. Having a similar ability to step back to recent selections would be really nice. 

Bear in mind that switching from layers to channels and paths is a disruptive activity, and drilling into menus is inherently cumbersome. Having said that (haha it just made me think) having another tab there for selection history, with a buffer for the last however-many selection states would be pretty amazing. 

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4 years ago

All of these things are incredibly useful but keep in mind that each of these would add more overhead that Photoshop has to account for on each and every file you have open. Trade-off and balancing act between features and performance.

History states alone are already taxing on PS and RAM, and probably scratch disks too.