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Thu, Apr 19, 2018 3:50 PM


Photoshop: Select > Color Range - option to manually add/subtract from selection

A way to combine the Select and Mask function with the Color Range tool.

I work with scanned images of varying quality, and often need to separate the colors into their own space, IE. I cannot have any red pixels inside of a grey section. We use specialized CAD software to do this sort of separation, but the prep work is done in Photoshop because it is full RGB and offers more control in the early stages of prep.

In Color Range, often I get a good selection of colors related by hue, but often pick up colors that I do not want. Generally I will have to go back in and edit the selection manually with the lasso tool. To do this effectively I have to set up layers, fill the selection with flat color, erase the unwanted sections, select the rest, and fold that back into the design.

I would love to skip a few steps and have the option to manually lasso right inside of Color Range. It is easier to see which areas I want to eliminate from the selection, especially in Mask view. This would enable me to also use a higher feather rate to get better edges, without picking up more unwanted areas. I think being able to control my selection manually, pick up more colors, increase feather, ignoring the manually unwanted sections - would create a nice synergy of workflow. (I have tried to use RAW to do this, but found it extremely difficult)

I hope that makes sense, please reply for clarification.

Also a better shortcut to disable the mask would be good. Currently I have to use the dropdown menu to None, which is too much clicking for working quickly. 

Mask transparency and the option to change the mask color within the instance of Color Range would be very nice.

Thanks for reading!

(PS all of the above could also apply to the Replace Color tool as well)




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3 years ago

Yes, Adobe had an amazing opportunity to give us a full range of selection and modification tools within the Select and Mask framework. Unfortunately, it's looking more and more like that integration won't be happening...

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2 years ago

I agree eartho.

I never really got any use from the Select and Mask standalone tool. Maybe I need to practice using that!