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Wed, Oct 23, 2019 4:10 PM

Photoshop: Saving copy not saving over jpg file

working on Catalina OS. saving file extension works now but does not save over jpg when saving it creates a copy which is annoying and time consuming to fix


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2 m ago

Speaking of accidentally overwriting files in Photoshop. I notice that the Legacy Save As option does not have a fail-safe to stop you from overwriting a file that is open.

The way Save As used to work was that if you have a file open, you could not overwrite it if it was open. And you would get a pop up saying "I cannot do that, Dave". (movie ref) Well, now you can overwrite an open file as it is still open.

This can be a problem for those of us used to working with the old Save As function, because if you are working on a layered TIFF file and you are told to save as a flattened Tiff with the same name, while keeping a layered PSD, well THAT accident can happen because you can think, oh I'm working on a layered PSD already, and then close. And then you're left with a flattened TIFF and no layered file. More human error on my part, but it was the way Save As worked and I'm used to it, go figure.

Can we have that fail-safe back? Or option to toggle that on or not? (in case there are others who don't care for it) For sure, this will be a problem down the line with all the layered TIFF files I receive.


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22 d ago

The new Photoshop update fixed this issue finally. Go to:

Preferences > File Handling > Enable legacy "Save As"

Done. Thanks for listening Photoshop, you didn't loose this designer but you came close.

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1 d ago

Adobe just made it worse. In order to save a JPG you now have to specifically hit a button that says "save as a copy". THAT IS NOT THE PURPOSE OF A JPG. 

IT BREAKS ALL ACTIONS AND MY COMPLETE WORKFLOW. Now I have to use Apple Automator to change file names and it interrupts everything I'm doing and no matter how much I try to integrate Appel Automator with Photoshop actions something always breaks somewhere. 

Thank you Adobe for converting Photoshop into a tool for Amateurs who apparently need to save a JPG as a copy for whatever reason! No one can actually explain WHY this is necessary. It's probably some sort of additional security not to save over a JPG but that's not how EVERYONE WORKS! Give us the choice!!

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18 h ago

@lessucettes Perhaps you might re-read what you have written and think about it. I am puzzled first of all by the all caps statement "THAT IS NOT THE PURPOSE OF A JPG. "  My question for you is What do you mean by "Purpose of a JPG?" Most people are grateful to have the option to have the choice to reverse an inadvertent over-write, but PURPOSE does not make any sense in that sentence. Also, I am puzzled by your apparent blaming of Adobe when you use another company's product. Not sure just who might be termed "amateur" here, simply a need for more education about the software.