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Fri, Mar 6, 2020 5:37 PM

Photoshop saves brush data incorrectly when exiting!

Hello everybody,


I am using the PS CC 2020 version 21.1.1 and have found the following problem:


If I import several brush or picture brush packages, the size of which is more than 2 GB, PS seems to update the "brushes.psp" file incorrectly when I quit!


Now the "brushes.psp" file has a size of e.g. 2.6 GB but after restarting Photoshop again all of my imported brushes are disappeared. Only the standard brushes are visible.


If I only import several brush packages that are smaller than 2 GB together, it still seems to work!


Has anyone noticed anything similar here?


Thank you for your answers.


Best regards


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