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Wed, Oct 17, 2012 1:34 PM


Photoshop: Save for Web should respect "Save As" to original folder preference

Say I'm working on two projects, I have 2 psd's open. If I do save as for web/save as.. it selects the last folder used. Which is actually useful - but sometimes it's a curse. We need an option to turn this "feature" off. To have the option of saving for web/as in the same folder as the current psd.

Let me explain why.
Project_1: Is in C:/project_1/designs
Project_2: Is in C:/project_2/designs

Say i have a psd open from both projects or i switch regularly between the two. If i want to save out a jpg from project1 and then save out a jpg from project2 - when saving a jpg for project2 it will select project1's folder because that was the last used folder. This is a HUGE pain. I have to literary jump through dozens of folders everytime i switch project.(The above was a simple file structure - but the large projects i work on have a more complicated folder tree).

It would be a HUGE HUGE HUGE help if there was an option that would turn OFF "remember the last saved folder" and instead save in the same folder as the psd...because at least even if i keep my jpgs seperate from my psd, it's faster for people to navigate from a relevant project folder than a folder in a completely different project.


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2 years ago

since we already paid lots of money, they do no longer need to respect our opinions on this topic, we can just assume it is rejected to be fixed and continue to use jsx based solutions for this problem.