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Wed, Aug 21, 2019 10:03 AM


Photoshop: Save file as typed extension

After using Photoshop for years and years, it really getting old that you have to select the type of file you want to save before clicking the save button. For example when you quickly or often need to save a jpeg file I would press ctrl+shift+s to quickly get into the "save as" menu but then I still have to go to the drop-down menu, search for the jpeg format, click it and then click save. 

I would be soooo much faster if all supported files were visible and I could just double click the file that I would like to overwrite and photoshop would recognize the extension. Or, if it's a new file, just type the file name and end with the desired extension, whether that be jpeg, tiff, png etc.

It is something really simple but can save me so much time at the end of a project, so please incorporate this Adobe!


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8 months ago

You can easily create and action (with buttons) to do that (and with keyboard shortcuts)

I also find that having the image processor function on a shortcut to save as every file open for example can be very efficient without additional pop-up windows
 hope it helps