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Mon, Jan 22, 2018 7:46 AM


Photoshop: Save and Load data for dynamic filter

Hello everyone, how to save a batch of dynamic filter and also load the template when need ?

I noticed that, when I use another filters lots or para, I lose all my other parameters and configuration.

it's a very important feature that seems to be missing and does not allow me to work efficient.

i can also maybe made a script , But I will find more productive to load a template in one click!
This will also allow to easy share template.


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3 years ago

Unfortunately, they never did upgrade the Filter gallery after giving it to us. So close, yet so far away. Where is 16 bit? Where is the ability in the dialog to use blend modes, opacity, masks? Presets would be another good feature (I believe you are translating that as templates). It could be a great updated feature, I do agree.