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Wed, May 9, 2018 5:11 PM


Photoshop: Ruler tool to draw straight diagonal lines with brushes

I understand that currently you can hold shift, click, and click on a diagonal point to create a diagonal line, but if you are using a pressure sensitive brush, it ends up looking like this:

It would be nice to have a "ruler" similar to Autodesk Sketchbook where we can create lines at any angle using any brush. Here is a small video clip illustrating how the feature would work:


 A lot of art programs have this capability so when I compare it to photoshop, I feel disappointed that something like this has not been implemented. They are aware that artists use photoshop to draw. The fact that they added Kyle's brushes for artists makes this evident. I hope they see that a ruler or stencil feature for brushes would be very useful for artists as well (especially for drawings that put perspective to use and environments).




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3 y ago

wouldn't the solution in that case be to turn off the pressure sensitivity?

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1 y ago

Yes please. Windows snip tool has that type of feature