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Tue, Nov 6, 2018 10:57 AM

Photoshop: Retouching images to white; the white is dulled and you can see the retouching when I share the files

I am retouching images to white and then when I share them to other people the white id dulled and you can see the retouching. Super simple answer I'm sure, can anyone help ?
Thank you!


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2 years ago

It sounds like a monitor calibration/ icc profile issue to me. Is your monitor calibrated? If not, a grey can easily appear white on your screen.

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2 years ago

Are you talking about the background needing to be pure white?

Add a Levels adjustment layer and move the black slider all the way to the right (it will be on 253.) Now duplicate that layer.

Anything in your image that isn't pure 255 white will show up easily. The Dodge tool works great for cleaning up highlights, try setting it to around 3% with a hard edge.



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2 years ago

Your display is probably too bright. Try turning down your brightness to 50-60%.