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Wed, Mar 23, 2016 12:05 PM

PHOTOSHOP - "Replace color" not working for me

EVERY TIME I TRY to go to image>Adjustments>Replace Color, IT DOES NOT WORK!!! NO MATTER WHAT OPTIONS I choose from the dialog box, color is NEVER replaced with another color!!! EVERYTHING stays the EXACT SAME as if I never did a thing!!! I googled the problem but ONLY results about it replacing it with an incorrect color or shade of color came up, NOTHING about it NOT working AT ALL!!!




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5 years ago

Replace Color is, in my opinion, irrelevant for serious work on Photoshop. 
But to help pinpoint the problem you are experiencing please post screenshots (with the pertinent Panels like Layers, Channels etc. visible) of the steps you are performing. 

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5 years ago

What color are you trying to replace?  The screenshots that Christoph requested would help a lot in figuring out what is happening.

Also, it looks like you still haven't fixed that broken keyboard you keep using.