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Wed, Nov 14, 2018 12:02 AM


Photoshop: "Repeat the last command" feature

I know that we can create action to automate some procedures.
But might also be nice for photoshop to have a "Repeat the last command" hot key.

The equivalent would pressing G in Autodesk Maya.
If the feature already exists please let me know!

Thanks :)


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2 years ago

For example if you have set 'Levels' for Ctrl-l, after confirming changes to the dialog you can call it with last used values by Ctrl-Alt-l. Probably you ask of repeating everything without need to see a dilog box again. You can do it with a script.

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7 months ago

+1 I would love this feature and yes Nina, would compare it to the G key in Maya. So handy. Something quick and easy that doesn't require a script or action - just to get  a simple job done.