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Mon, Oct 3, 2011 9:35 PM

Photoshop: Remove Zero Pixel Boundary Between Layer Selections

If I select a subject using no feather (or 0.2 pixels), create a new layer with it (cntl J), then select the new layer together with the old one, and then deselect the new one, I obtain marching ants for the subject on the orginal layer. If I then delete within the selected area, I get one layer with just the background, and a second layer with just the subject. If I then make both these layers visible, but no others, I see a zero pixel outline between the two (even with no feathering, as I said). I want to get rid of this, as it's causing problems when I want to blur only the background, as it gives messy edges. How do I achieve this?


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9 years ago

Are you viewing the image at 100%, or zoomed out (subsampled view, where such an outline is unavoidable)?

Also, you should avoid reusing masks like that -- don't cut and delete, because that makes it much more likely to have artifacts along the edge. Just cut or copy.



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9 years ago

And remember that you can invert masks in the Mask panel.