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Thu, Jun 23, 2011 11:13 PM


Photoshop: Quick Actions: An easier way to record and playback actions


Actions are an enormous and invaluable feature that Photoshop has, problem is, there are too many and not so simple steps to create an action in Photoshop:

1.- Open Actions panel
2.- Click create new Action
3.- Give name, shortcut, color, and all that stuff to the action
4.- Record action
5.- Stop recording
6.- Find action
7.- Play it

This is cool when you have some repetitive task that you have to do on a daily basis and over and over again between different Photoshop files.

But what about annoying repetitive tasks that you have to do on the fly? and are very particular to only one file or project, nothing fancy, only tedious and simple tasks like moving or rotating layers.

Having to do all this tango just for the sake of moving 20 different layers 100 pixels from each other is a lot more annoying than doing this by hand, also because you won't ever back to use that action again, you only need a fast and easy way to do it, you don't want to save the action, you don't care about it's color, or its category, that's just garbage you won't be using anyway, the only thing you want is to move that layers in that exact moment and its done.

Having all these little annoying tasks recorded in actions saved in the actions list, only make the list unorganized and if you ever need to do that exact same action again, it doesn't even worth the effort to look for it in the list, it's easier to just record the action again.

I know a lot of people that doesn't even use actions because they seem to be very complicated thing to do, or not fast enough to set.

So Here's the deal,


(Shortcuts mentioned are for example purposes only, these could be changed to anything).

These would be the steps needed for quick actions:

1.- Press F9 (start recording action)
2.- Do your thing
3.- Press F10 (stop recording action)
4.- Press F11 (play the action)

These seems to be as many steps as with normal actions, WRONG, these are way more simple and fast, there's no naming, no looking for panels, no opening and closing anything, no worrying about having and infinite list of never ending basic actions that will never be useful again, no looking for the action anywhere.

Ideal for basic tasks that have to be done only once, BELIEVE ME, these are very common and more important than anything VERY ANNOYING, it would really, really be a great help if Photoshop had this simple way to record and execute actions.

And what if I made some really cool action using quick actions? does this really have to be lost forever? well, There's no reason to be that way, there could be a button in the dead space of the Photoshop interface (or somewhere else) to save current quick action, and then you can have all that plenty of options to keep it nicely organized. The important thing here is WHEN do you have to set all the configurations, before, or after doing what you wanted to do?, for me it's a lot more useful to save it after, as that is the moment when I know if I could be using it later.

Lots of thanks for opening this space for ideas, hope this doesn't get lost in the space and time.


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