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Sun, May 5, 2019 3:24 PM



Photoshop: Put layer into layer naming mode when creating a new layer

Every time I create a new layer, I want to be able to name it first. So why not have every new layer jump into naming mode right away? So as soon as I create a new layer, I can first enter the name for this layer.Thank you!


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a year ago

You could get this effect by creating an action that has two steps:  create a new layer, and then go to naming the layer. And then you could assign that action to a keyboard shortcut - ctrl-n (the one for creating a new layer), so you would just use the reassigned shortcut to get your desired effect.

Happy layering!

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a year ago

You do know you can add the Option/Alt key when creating a new layer and clicking on the New Layer icon? That opens the dialog. Cmd-Shift-N also brings up the dialog. Otherwise, double-clicking on it jumps you in.

I think there are a couple of good reasons not to jump into layer naming mode. If you want to keep the name of the file in the document, having it highlighted could easily lead to wiping out the existing name of the file. Plus many people might find it an inconvenience to be practically forced to name a file or do something carefully to get out of file-naming mode, and even actions and/or scripts.

So since it's not particularly difficult to rename a layer either while creating it or at any time after, I couldn't really favor changing such a long-standing way of dealing with layers and potentially making it harder for people.

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a year ago

Correct. In my workflow, I use a few new layers for practically every image I work on. Rarely do I ever need to name them, and for those rare times I do, Alt-click is more than sufficient. 

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a year ago

Layer Menu > New Layer does this.


--Steve Gandy Photography

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that is what I thought, you "beat me to the punch". now, maybe there is a preference that has been set for Luca that doesn't do what you wrote, what I see and I'm looking for it. I'll comment again if I find it, but I always have to go through a naming (even if it is only hitting enter for the Layer xx) before I can go further. 

While this next thing is not about a layer, it is about PS, itself. I'm noticing comments about bugs/issues with the app and I'm having my share that were not there before. Something is wrong and the only reason why I'm here is to figure out my issues and put my two cents in for others. Thank you and Good Luck! 

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a year ago

When I'm drawing on my Cintiq, I push my keyboard off to the side. Would be nice, when creating a new layer to have custom preset layer names to select from. I.E.: Line Art, Sketch, Background, Outline, color, etc.
This would save time trying to type in common layer names with one hand, or sliding the Cintiq back, bringing over the keyboard, etc.

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10 months ago

I had the same 'issue'.
I read and i can understand.

But after reflexion, it could be usefull to have this option, but with groups.
When I work on multiple layers, comes a time when I want to tidy a bit the layers panel.
At this step, I often Use "Cmd + G" and it could be interesting to have this naming mode enabled.
PS : an "action" could be done with an associated shortcut anyway.