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Sat, Oct 29, 2011 4:00 PM


Photoshop: Problem upgrading from Photoshop to Photoshop Extended with Design Premium

I bought an update, from Design Standard to Design Premium this Monday. I have since then tried to install the update. I bought the version that could be downloaded immediately. I downloaded the two files .exe and .7z and extracted them. I have not moved the files after download/extraction.

I have then tried to install the Design Premium files and succeded with most of the programs but not with Photoshop. I still have the "old" version of Photoshop in my Design Premium folder when I start Photoshop (start/program/Adobe Design Premium CS 5.5/Photoshop).

I have also checked the version when having Photoshop started in the Help-menu. When I start the version of Photoshop in the Design Premium program file and go to Help/About Photoshop it says Photoshop CS 5 and not Photoshop Extended as I assume it should. I also lack the two extra menues (3D and one more that I cannot recall now) that should be visible in the menubar of the Photoshop Extended version.

I have un-installed everything, re-installed it. Installed it again, but no success. I am going mad. Can anyone help me?

Thank you!


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9 years ago

Hi Camilla,

Launch Photoshop.

1. Select Help>Deactivate... and select the option to not remember the serial number
2. Close Photoshop
3. Relaunch Photoshop and enter your Design Premium serial number to reactivate Photoshop

Sr. Product Manager, Adobe Digital Imaging