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Tue, May 7, 2013 8:33 AM


Photoshop: PNG8+Transparency

How bout you finally integrated PNG8 Alpha-transparency in Photoshop? You know, this cutting edge technology that is already in the PNG 1.0 spec from 1996! Ever since I discovered it (and, my makeshift solution!) i have *only* been using PNG8+Alpha!... But now I cannot open and edit these PNGs in Photoshop, cause it simply does not support it!.... btw, While you're at it: Why not update your quantizer to deliver results as good or even better than free websites ( or opensource-tools (pngquant)? If i remember right, that's been unchanged since Photoshop 5.5!... And in general your indexed color mode has been unchanged since Photoshop 3.0, possibly even earlier!.. Don't you think it's high time for a revamp? The HTML5 web *demands* proper transparency, and PNG32 is simply too large for most things!

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Photoshop CS5: Opening Indexed Transparent PNG loses transparency


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8 years ago

Photoshop CS6 reads PNG8+transparency and PNG8+indexed_transparency just fine.

But the concept doesn't work for editing, so can't be used directly.

And we haven't had enough requests to justify the work needed to retool SFW to handle that odd case.