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Thu, Jan 19, 2012 9:03 PM


Photoshop: Please stop selecting the previous layer when I do a "Step Backwards"

I am REALLY sick of after chosing a layer, making a brushstroke that isn't quite right, clicking "Step Backward" (alt-ctrl-z) AND PHOTOSHOP AUTOMATICALLY SELECTS THE LAST LAYER I WAS ON. This has cost me countless hours of drawing directly on the background layer. I have my Wacom pen set to "Step Backward" because I want to have more than one level of undo, but because it selects the previous layer, unless I am being really careful, I end up drawing on the wrong layer. Usually, I have had to learn to select a layer, choose the eraser tool, then pretend to erase something, just so that if I have to step backward it won't select my previous layer. If this has been addressed, great, but I keep thinking it will be, and cannot believe that by CS5 it's still happening.

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Photoshop: Don't understand the undo/redo system


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9 years ago

AMEN! ADOBE please fix this. It is extremely annoying - especially for my students.

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9 years ago

Yes... please fix this.

If I make a brush stroke or lasso etc. mistake with a layer, I don't want to be taken back to the previous layer when I go step back (ctrl-Z for me). Undo just means I want the last action/mistake undid... not to be taken to a different work context (eg. different layer).

I also agree strongly with the previous comment... this is especially a problem for students.

Please fix. Thanks! :)

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Ctrl+z is only supposed to undo the last action if you haven't messed with the keyboard shortcuts. Ctrl+Z is undo/redo and Alt+Ctrl+Z is step backward.

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8 years ago

fix this!