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Tue, Jan 7, 2020 3:17 PM

Photoshop: Please stop releasing updates before they are ready!!!

Photoshop 2020 has lots of problems! I can't even use it and I had to waste a bunch of time trying and then having to figure out how to get Bridge to open to PS 2019. This has happened before! Don't release updates before they are ready!!! We are not your guinea pigs! I am WORKING. That is why I have Phtoshop! Just like everyone else! Quit wasting our time!!!




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2 y ago

Nobody forces you to update as soon as that update is released. You could also wait until you have read some experiences of those people who apparently do not mind so much being guinea pigs.

On the other hand, the problems you are faced with are often resolved in the next update, so make a difference between an upgrade (like Photoshop 2019 to Photoshop 2020) and an update (for example 21.0 to 21.0.1).

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2 y ago

I tend to like to wait 2 full versions before considering updating any critical software, plugin or OS updating. That is enough time to research and for developers to iron out kinks. 

For example, the large company I work at just went to Win 10 a few months ago, from Win 7. Why, because there is no way the company can take a massive risk like that to it's infrastructure, employees and customers.

However, our company was auto-updating our CC every update until I had to raise a complaint. So I understand if some don't have the choice.