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Thu, Jan 2, 2020 7:28 AM


Photoshop: Perfect lines in all directions

When you hold shift while drawing lines in Photoshop, it makes them perfectly straight, but only for vertical and horizontal lines. Photoshop should be able to do this with lines in any direction. This would make drawing in Photoshop a lot easier by removing the need to switch to the line or pen tool whenever users want perfectly straight lines.


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1 y ago

Try this: click* on your starting point then shift click on your desired ending point. Does that accomplish what you're after?

*with the brush tool or whatever you're drawing with

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After decades, I honestly did not know you could do that. Wow.

Now is there a way to quickly draw a series of vertical lines (the old fashioned way), holding shift without it adding an angled line in between each vertical line? For example, if I wanted to make a quick vertical hatch.

This has been an issue for a VERY long time.