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Mon, Oct 28, 2013 9:29 PM

Photoshop: Pause and Re-Prioritize Saving for large files (15-20GB)

The commercial still life studio I work at uses very large files—upwards of 15, 20GB—and saving takes forever. I love that in CS6 I can work while I save, but often I start saving a very large file and find that I will need to save another, smaller, file in the mean time. This means canceling any progress that has been made on the large file in order to save the smaller one first. It would be great if I could pause the original file, save the small file (usually just a JPG of a few MB), then go back to the original without losing my progress.



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7 years ago

Hi David,

Do you currently have "Disable Compressions of PSD and PSB files" under Preferences>File Handling?

Enabling that preference will increase the speed of saving by 20x if that helps. (Your files will take up more space on disk though)