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Wed, Jun 8, 2011 8:37 AM


Photoshop: Pasting dimension in millimeters for image size not working in CS5

I do like this to shrink photos to right size:
- I select a photo in Indesign with Direct Selection Tool.
- I copy width for ex. 68,5 mm
- I open Image Size window in Photoshop
- I paste value to width field
With CS4 in this field appeared only numbers (68,5) which was cool and I could then only hit enter.
With CS5 appears also "mm" (68,5 mm) and when hitting enter Photoshop gives warning: Invalid numeric entry.

Can you fix CS5 to work like CS4?



Official Solution

Adobe Administrator


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9 years ago

Hi Jere,

Thanks for reporting this. We've logged a report in our bug database.

Sr. Product Manager, Adobe Digital Imaging