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Mon, Jul 24, 2017 4:39 PM


Photoshop: Panels and document window hidden after Lightroom edit in Photoshop

This is a strange issue that has only recently appeared (since latest lightroom update 2015.12). Photoshop (CC 2017 1.1) and Lightroom behave normally until I use the "edit in photoshop cc2017" from lightroom... after doing that if at any point I hide Photoshop (cmd H) photoshop will hide but you can never see it again. When you go back to photoshop, its still running and the top menu bar is still there but all tools, palettes and windows are not visible and there appears no way to make them visible again other than quiting photoshop and starting again. If you don't use edit in photoshop from lightroom the photoshop will continue to hide and reappear as normal when you use cmd H. Would love to know if anybody else if getting this issue and if there is a solution? I have run with new prefs and no 3rd party plugins but the issue remains. Thanks

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3 years ago

No, I don't see any of that. Hiding Photoshop after 'Edit in Photoshop' from Lightroom works as expected. And bringing it back into the foreground also brings backs all panels.

Johan W. Elzenga,