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Fri, Apr 19, 2019 1:08 AM

Photoshop: Overlay, along with numerous other blend modes, are greyed out (even in RGB)

I am working on a personal edit while I wait for some communication from a client on some work I've done for them. I haven't messed with Photoshop in a short while (about a week) and oddly I've noticed that even in RGB a great number of blending options are greyed out in the menu. I tried a quick fix a friend told me about opening a new file and copying over and this did not fix the issue.
Any idea what this might be? I wasn't having an issue the last time I worked on Photoshop.


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a year ago



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And if the screenshot hadn’t been clipped too much one would have been able to see that right away. 

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a year ago


Did Cameron's answer solve your problem or are you continuing to have issues?  Please let us know.