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Thu, Apr 11, 2019 3:06 PM

Photoshop: Option to disable hardness/opacity control from "Alt + right-click + dragging" brush size control

I change my brush size with alt+right click and dragging left/right.

It also changes opacity/hardness when dragging up/down, (which I don't use). 

Problem is that I find myself painting very often with opacity/hardness  set to 98-99% because I accidentally move my pen down when sizing the brush. 

This is really frustrating and there should be a way to disable opacity/hardness adjustment when "alt+right click + dragging". 


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2 years ago

What OS are you on and what version of Photoshop?

From this thread, this may help you:

"Ok I found a solution for Photoshop. Create a file named  "PSUserConfig.txt" and this file add the line "UseSystemStylus 0" (without the quotes). Then copy this file to 
C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2018\Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 Settings. 


Finally in the Wacom drivers create a profile for Photoshop (if you haven't already) and then go to "Mappings" and uncheck the "Use Windows Ink" checkbox. 

These changes will make PhotoShop use a different API for accessing the stylus (WinTab instead of Windows Ink) and with these changes I managed to get both pressure sensitivity and my pen+ALT functionality restored"




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Hannah, this behavior only happens with certain brush tips which don't have a feather option... when using the kbsc, the mouse movement up and down changes opacity instead of feather. I never noticed this issue using a mac, but on windows it's a constant annoyance.

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Hi Hannah

Thanks for answer, but this address to different problem (I also have had) that Adobe (and Wacom) should have fixed like years a go. It is NOT OK that users have to make config files with text editor to get their hardware working correctly. 

Maybe if Wacom was some obscure manufacturer with few user this could be somehow tolerable but Wacom is the market leader whit huge user base.  

I believe there are millions of users that don't do that fix and they are working whit broken tools without knowing better. If I remember correctly, you can get alt-click to work without config edit, but then there is small but  annoying lag in tablet that you might not notice if you don't know how it should work.