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Fri, Jun 15, 2018 11:39 AM

Photoshop opens files but doesnt display contents

Since the previous update my PS (Mac) opens files but actually doesnt display the content. The only fix is to then quit and restart PS again from scratch which is really annoying. Anyone else with this issue? It happens randomly and doesnt seem to matter if it's png or jpeg. Any help apperciated - I've just done the most recent update and it's still happening, such a time waster.


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3 years ago

That's not happening here on my High Sierra or El Capitan computers. I suggest you provide more information about your system. It sounds like there may be a problem with your video card. How do you know the file is open if you can't see it? Is it showing up in the Layers panel, but not in the document window? Random issues are truly frustrating.

You can find and copy your System Info under Help if that's easier than typing in the relevant OS information, and post it here for someone from the Adobe team to look at it.