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Wed, Apr 11, 2018 3:29 PM

Photoshop: Opened image give error "not a valid Photoshop document"

I got a problem with Adobe Photoshop image. I started opening it and I saw Is not a valid Photoshop document. I repeated opening, but message didn't disappeared. I have only some months of experience in Photoshop. Pats, what can I do next?


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3 years ago

Howdy Hazel,

Well, to help, we need to know what precisely the message you encountered said.  If it was that you were trying to open an invalid document, then that's not something which can be really fixed -- the document is corrupt or incorrectly formatted.  But for something else, we'd love to help, but need more details.


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3 years ago

Some variants for you...

Google search and type there psd recovery tool or similar combination of words

Other way or ways to apply some resources suggested by Adobe

  Open "My Computer." In Windows XP, the icon is on the desktop. In Windows Vista or Windows 7, you must access this via the "Computer" option in the Start menu.

  Double-click the "C" drive, followed by the "Windows" folder inside. Locate the temporary Photoshop folder, which will look similar to this: "Photoshop Temp6382948398." Double-click the folder when you find it.

  Locate the file inside the temporary folder that matches the name of the corrupted file. Double-click it to open it in Photoshop.

  Click "Save As" in the "File" portion of the main menu bar. Save it in a different location and under a different name.