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Mon, Dec 16, 2019 9:20 AM


Photoshop: Open images in 'Full Screen with Menus' by default

When I open an image in Photoshop, I have to press F for the image to open in Full Screen with Menus. Since is the way I prefer to open my images, I was hoping you could add this feature in future preference settings.


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2 y ago

This is already possible.

1. Create a new action/start recording
2. Choose "Insert Menu Item" and select the View>Screen Mode> you wish to use
3. Stop recording the action
4. Choose File>Scripts>Script Events Manager...
5. Make sure that "Enable Events to Run Scripts/Actions" is checked/enabled
6. From the "Photoshop Event:" pop-up, select "Open Document"
7. Enable the radio button next to "Action" and choose the action you recorded in steps 1-3 from the pop-ups
8. Click the "Add" button in the right-hand column
9. Click "Done"

Now when you open documents, they will be opened in the screen mode you selected in step 2.

To have this also work when creating new documents, repeat the steps above but select "New Document" for step 6.