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Thu, Sep 27, 2018 9:04 AM

Photoshop: No live reaction when transforming a shape layer

I'm using CS6 version 13.0.1 x64
Did not have this problem until yesterday .

I'm trying to free transform a shape layer like I always did until now, but recently it has become very frustrating. no matter how simple the shape is, moving, rotating or any other free transform function will no show up until I let go of the button. making me have to guess the state the shape is in. moving and transforming SOMETIMES will work in a laggy state , but rotating will never show nothing until I finish the action.
This starts a few minutes after loading photoshop. At first it works fine but then suddenly it starts again.

I tried optimizing the performance  but nothing helps.

Anything else runs completely fine as far as I can tell. I can transform normal and text layers as always.




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2 years ago

What have you done for trouble-shooting so far? 

Restoring Preferences after making sure all customized presets like Actions, Patterns, Brushes etc. have been saved might be a good starting point:

As your Photoshop version is severely obsolete this Forum does not seem the ideal place for your post and
might be a abetter fit. 

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2 years ago

What's changed in the past few days? Did you update your OS recently?

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2 years ago

what OS?

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2 years ago

Be aware that there is a difference between transforming the path of the shape and the shape itself.

-If the path points are selected, you only see the path and the bounding box transforming or rotating etc. until you let go off the mouse. Then the shape is being transformed.

- if the path points are not selected, you will see the shape transform (rotate etc.) in realtime.