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Sat, Aug 19, 2017 6:35 AM


Photoshop New Feature Suggestion: Anchor size display increase

**DEVELOPERS ONLY RESPOND/ normal user responses not needed thanks!**

Photoshop New Feature Suggestion: Anchor size display increase

Dear Adobe, I don't want to come off rude, or toxic to you. However I am quite angry with your product at this point in 2017.

I am using an older version of the product Adobe PS CC 2015.

It is old, but new enough, It should have some pretty modern features.
I am very surprised at the current generation, of PS, and its current lack,
of ability to communicate with its frustrated users, and improve its product.
How is this done effectively and efficiently? COMMUNITY COMMUNITY COMMUNITY.
Products are best improved through the open suggestion and features, and bugs forums, of the user community, not through bug testers, or whatever current broken system you have now.

Finally, I have arrived here, to tell you about this feature that should have already been in my current version of adobe cc 2015, yet should have come 10 years ago.

because you are not getting a regular and strong daily/monthly/yearly feedback from the millions of users on your product, it simply has never improved in the areas it needs to.
dead essentially.

The feature we all know and use everyday the pen tool. 
Problem: Anchor display size is not customize able.
Please fix the issue, and create a back update for all previous versions of photoshop.

Personally, since this BUG should have been fixed 10 years ago, I should be calling this a bug, and not a new feature suggestion. However yea that is me just being nice.

regardless of all my negativity. I am glad to finally have found some place on some official forums sending a msg to adobe.

Furthermore: I am very frustrated, when I am seeing automated responses from your company leading to a solution, that does not solve this what should be a very simple and quick fix.

Instead I am hearing things like, oh add this layer, and name this bla bla bla bla, FIX THE ISSUE!
Oh just import to illustrator......
yea again.. I dont want to use illustrator.. fix the problem in PS.
Other people differing to another product or faulty work around, is a huge sign your product is broken. meanwhile. your product is losing in todays market, because it has stopped evolving and changing, and paying attention to the current market trends.

Instead of improving, you continue to make 50 million useless products that nobody needs.
I prefer to do mostly everything I can in PS. 

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