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Fri, Apr 27, 2012 6:09 PM



Photoshop: Multiple Canvases (Artboards) in a Single PSD

I'm working on a responsive web design mock-up and thought it would be great to have multiple canvases in a single psd, like Illustrators Multiple Artboard feature. This way, I can have different sized canvases to support layouts for mobile, tablet, and desktop designs while not having to keep copying and pasting all the design assets back and forth between several documents. My students agree that this would be an awesome idea :) Thank you for you consideration.


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5 years ago

Implemented in Photoshop CC (2015)

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Well done! Best new Photoshop feature in years :D

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8 years ago

This is a great idea!

When working with larger projects, I usually just have several mockups/components in one HUGE psd document, to make it easier to copy/compare different graphics and components and to keep the grand overview.

But when it comes to exporting the individual graphics and mockups it becomes a tedious process. Having multiple artboards would make that workflow much easier for UI designs! Actually this is the reason for some of my colleagues use Illustrator for mockups, but thats not optimal for high fidelity mockups that needs to be pixel perfect.

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6 years ago

This may sound like a band aid, but I use the history feature in Photoshop which allows me to create several size documents for responsive designs. For example, begin with designing for mobile, then take a snapshot. Change doc size for tablet, take a snapshot etc.. Each time you take a snapshot you can revert back to that comp just as it was. Easy to edit, easy to save, all in one document. While I'm sure the history feature wasn't created to be used this way, it may use up a bit of memory, but for now it serves the purpose.

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5 years ago

Coming soon in the next version of Photoshop!

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5 years ago

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Illustrator-style "artboards" for PhotoShop.

It would be really great if Photoshop had Artboards (even just one) like Illustrator.

That way you could specify an area of the overall PSD to be the artboard, with any artwork going outside this area still showing, exactly like the Crop tool preview works right now.

This would be really useful for web designers and developers, so that the designers could design in-context, and the developers could get proper positional data from the layers, for example with this Facebook campaign:

This would make all sorts of things like Rulers, Select All, Copy CSS, and Save for Web, much more intuitive on this kind of project.

I know we have slices, but they were designed for HTML tables, let's be honest, and are only effective when Saving for Web.

Dave Stewart