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Thu, Mar 1, 2012 2:58 PM


Photoshop: moveable subdivisions within warp tool

i want to choose how many subdivisions the grid in the warp tool has and then be able to move whole horizontal/vertical lines to transform

kinda like in mari.

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9 years ago

Illustrator’s Envelope Distort (Object > Envelope Distort > Make with Mesh) with the appropriate numbers of columns and rows (which could also be added or removed with the Mesh Tool) might provide a work-around.
One should keep on mind to set the Document Color Mode and profile accordingly, though.

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9 years ago

thanks christoph, thats handy.

It's great because the gradient mesh can't deal with odd shapes! this can be handy.

NOW. would i would LOVE is if this can edit colours like gradient mesh tool too.

Reason being, when making odd shapes, like a car, dropping in a gradient mesh doesn't always work, the lines get get really messed up for some reason. :(

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7 years ago

now that PS is a rolling updated subscription product - I want to ask - any update or timeline on finally improving the warp tool in free transform? By adding many more intersection lines (that the user can specify) or even better to have really precise control with bezier curves. I've repeatedly requested adding the bezier curves functionality to the liquify plug-in. That would be really helpful for real world tasks.
(please don't suggest puppet warp - it doesn't really work)