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Thu, May 12, 2011 2:16 PM


Photoshop: More advanced image enlarging algorithms

better image enlarging with a new method like "Fractal Interpolation" option




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10 years ago

Teekay, could you point out what images enlarge well, which don't, what other algorythms work better? I know that Chris Cox and the team reviews them regularly, but has not found satisfactory improvements.

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10 years ago

I’d love to see some images (ideally printed) with both options (Fractal and LR) for an illustration where the former is superior.

Author “Color Management for Photographers"

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10 years ago

Photoshop's current offerings all have their own differences for speed, quality and results for different types of content.

Your comment made me think of the popular third party plug-in Genuine Fractals.

Thanks for the suggestion