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Sat, Sep 13, 2014 4:51 PM

Photoshop: Menu options remained grayed out after Select All

Reproducible : YES

Issue brief:
After performing a "Select All" using any one of three (tested) methods, the options under Select > Modify menu remain disabled.

Steps to reproduce:
1) Open Photoshop
2) Open a JPG file. You can also create a new Photoshop Document (PSD) and import a JPG
3) Ensure document has only one layer (the one with the picture). If it is a locked layer, unlock it
4) Add a second blank layer under the first (image) layer
5) With new layer selected in the layers panel, do a Select All (CTRL+A)
6) From menu, open: Select > Modify

All menu options are available

Except "Border" all other options are grayed out

You can confirm the issue by performing a less than 100% selection (even 1px smaller than the width or height) and all the menus will be available.

Additional Information:
Issue exists when you use the menu (Select > Select All), perform a marquee (Rectangular Marquee selection box) selection or use the keyboard shortcut (CTRL+A).

Have not checked exhaustively what other options remain unavailable.

System Information
Platform: PC
Adobe Photoshop Version: 2014.1.0 20140730.r.148 2014/07/30:23:59:59 x64
Operating System: Windows 8.1 64-bit
Version: 6.3

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