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Sat, Mar 17, 2018 7:39 PM


Photoshop: Live colour palette bucket/colour collector

A feature I'd love:

I (and I'm quite sure a lot of people) when colouring in pictures, quite often pick random colours from the swatches or colour panels and merrily colour away.

What I would find really useful, is that each colour used is collected in a 'live' palette as you go, so its quicker and easier to come back to the colours you've used.

It could be a feature that is turned on and off, and you can then have the option to save that colour palette as a set of swatches.

This could also be useful in Ai too, where I still feel the colour/swatch options need a lot of work.


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3 y ago

Wouldn't it work to make it easy enough they might do it quickly if they allow us to save a selection (up to 15) colors from the Recent Swatches into a new color palette? If we did that, we could potentially save more than one time for one project and manually combine the two palettes. We also wouldn't have to select all 15, so those colors that we don't want in the palette would be left behind. And hopefully be enough in control of the process we didn't wind up with 5 "rich blacks" or 3 nearly identical moss greens.<G>

Everything we click on in the Color Panel and Library gets automatically added to those Recent swatches, so we have a palette in the making if we just click away. OR we have a complete mess <G> but far as I can see, it wouldn't be any different from your Live palette bucket/color collector, except we'd cycle rapidly, so would have to be alert and deliberate about creating a palette.

It would be most helpful, of course, if we could have sets in Swatches. AI has had them for ages now with nothing in PS. PS is WAY behind AI in color control features. We don't need a dozen different, and difficult to locate, swatch panels for solid color, gradients, and patterns. We need to finally rid ourselves of that Preset Manager. We should also have something similar to the Gradient Annotator. They could even explore new and interesting ways to recolor our images. We're currently forced to 3rd parties for that.

But to start, a palette from a custom selection of the recent swatches, along with color sets wouldn't go amiss.