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Sat, Jun 11, 2011 12:49 PM


Photoshop: List "last five fonts used" at the top of the font list pop-up

hi. first of all i want to say you are the best!
till now i was a corel draw fan. they have a great software with some features that makes me to do a fast job. now i switch for your products and i am very happy for my decision. i have one proposition: in Photoshop when i have to change the font for some text layers, it is very hard for me to click on font list and to scroll down or up for my font. i wonder it is not possible to insert upper in the font list an area with, for example, "last five font used"? in this way i can get very fast a font for all my text. tks.


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9 years ago

Or you can just type in the first few characters of the font name...



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9 years ago

This could be a real time saver