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Wed, Oct 25, 2017 11:56 PM


Photoshop: Lighting Effects shading doesn't work correctly

The shading effects in this do not work correctly.  The vertical shading effects are the reverse of the horizontal effects.    Meaning, if you have a point light in the center of an image, the light radiating to the sides will light bumps  correctly, but the vertical shading is backwards, as if the light was coming in from the top and bottom.  You can see this in the image I link to here:

The middle layer was rendered in CS6, and is correct.  The top layer is wrong.

This worked correctly in CS6, but has since been broken, and is still broken in the current 2018 version.  This occurs with all three lighting modes; horizontal shading is correct, but vertical shading is inverted.


Official Solution

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3 years ago

Hi Dave,

This issue should be resolved in the release of Photoshop that just went live, 19.1. Please open your Creative Cloud desktop app, update Photoshop and try it out!

Thank you,

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3 years ago

Thanks. I've created a file using your steps that renders differently when opened in CS6 and CC 2018. I've asked the engineers to look into it.

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