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Wed, Apr 22, 2020 7:01 AM

Photoshop: "Lens Blur"didn't apply to my background

Hey Experts, i need some help please about "Lens Blur" After "Selection" and creating a "Depth Map" when i go to "Lens Blur" to apply it on my background, it loads but the Blur didn't apply on my background, can you guys please help me to solve this problem, i'm using "PS CC 2020"


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1 y ago

Was the Background Layer selected / Active?

I have found that sometimes filters work better if I first make a new layer as a copy of background or simply switch background layer to Layer (x). I don't know more about it than that this seems to work.

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1 y ago

I would copy the background layer into another layer. Set the property to transparent. Turn the eye off the background and see if that works.
When I blur I save original layers then blur the whole top layer and come in with the history brush and paint back the places you don’t want blurred. I’m thinking you know how to use the history brush.
You can build amazing shadows with different amounts of history brush layer retouching. You can also add some noise to avoid banding or use the splatter filter on the area and feathering your selection.