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Fri, Dec 6, 2019 1:21 PM

Photoshop: Layers change appearance after saving with 21.0.1

When I open a (pre 21.0.0) PSD-file with multiple layers, that has been placed inside a indd, even when I do not change anything in the PSD and just open it with 21.0.1 and save it, update it in indesign, the result is very different.

Group uf layers that have the filling method "hindurchwirken" (its a german word, I cannot find the english one but adobe will have lists for that) seem to gain a opaque white background, even if they have none or it has been invisible in the previous version, since the leyer itself has been set to multiply.

So even without actively changing anything, only by opening and saving a PSD-File the appearance changes dramatically and to a wrong view. I cannot be sure of what I have.

When I change the filling method to multiply for the group pf layers, it seems that everything is correct.

It looks a lot like a bug to me and has gotten me in trouble twice. 
Now that I know it a can look out for it but this is so much work that would not be necessary.

Any possibility to get the old (in my viws: correct) behaviour back?




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2 y ago

Hi Thomas,
I apologize for the issue and any frustration you may have endured from it.  Our engineering team has seen similar reports and have a number of fixes coming out in v21.0.2.  For the time being, can you please enable Preferences -> Performance -> Legacy Compositing to temporarily resolve this issue?