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Thu, Jun 7, 2018 11:37 AM

Photoshop: Layer Blend Modes arbitrarily switching when using Touch Bar on macos

An issue where blend modes of layers change arbitrarily after a certain sequence of events using the 2016 Macbook pro touch bar has been driving me up the wall recently so I set out to reproduce it and have a set of steps below:

- Create document
- Create two layers, filling them with two solid colors. 1 being the lowermost layer above the document, 2 being the layer above
- Select layer 1 with mouse. Use touch bar to set layer 1 blend mode to hue
- Without pressing [x] on the touchbar, select layer 2 and change blend mode to multiply using the touch bar
- Press [x] on the touchbar
- Select layer 1
- Observe that the blend mode of layer 1 is switched to ‘Darker Color’ in error.

The issue seems to occur regardless of blend modes used (the ones above are just randomly chosen) and I strongly believe it is related to the touchbar flow below (likely not closing it between changing layers) but I haven't investigated it further having reproduced it.

I hope this can get looked at as it is really frustrating


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