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Sun, Dec 9, 2018 8:30 PM

Photoshop: Latest versions are unusable for artists

I work in Photoshop last 18-19 years as I started from Photoshop 5.

The latest versions of Photoshop are unusable for artists because of modified brush panel and context menu.
I use the last Photoshop for design but when I should draw I start Photoshop 2015 which I have instaled too.


In 2015 I can get every brush which I want quickly from the llist with 2 clicks - 1) right click from the panel 2)Select brushes from the context menu

Can you say me how I can access the last brushes in the list with this strange unusable context menu in Photoshop 2019 for less than 40-50 sec per brush?

If I use Import Brush every time I want to change my brushes the result is the same - more clicks which slow my work process.

I tried to add the brushes in this panel (where one brush group per row with all this space is very very uneffective) but it loads only half of my brushes and say that the limit of brushes is reached...

This make Photoshop 2019 absolutely unusable for artists.


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2 years ago

For some of us the latest version  of PS is "unusable " period. !