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Tue, Jan 22, 2019 4:53 PM


Photoshop: Larger/Customizable Buttons on Layers Panel

I'd love to have an option to change the size or position of the bottom buttons on the Layer Panel. As a drawing tablet user, reaching down to the corner and precisely hitting those buttons can be annoying. While their may be keyboard shortcuts (the new layer shortcut brings up the window which requires attention), it could be much faster for a larger button located at the top of the panel.



Here is a very quick rough idea.


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2 years ago

In preferences you can adjust size of all user interface. Would it be helpfull?

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To expand on Jaroslav's suggestion, there are two places to scale the UI. At the OS level. Mac can scale to 200% and Windows can scale to 400%. In Photoshop there's settings under Preferences > Interface... for UI Font Size (set to Large) and enable Scale UI to Font. This later change in Photoshop is subtle but does increase the font and icons.

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