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Sun, Jun 5, 2011 4:44 PM

Photoshop: Is there a way to preserve layers and blend modes when merging or saving PNG?

This is a mandatory feature particularly for game developers - we need to be able to preserve blend modes when merging or saving. Game Engines typically expect a sprite sheet, that is, a large .PNG file with each frame of animation on it for a given character or special effect. This means that everything in Photoshop must eventually get flattened or merged, and as far as I can tell, Blend Modes become utterly useless at this point. Does Photoshop support this and I'm just unaware of where to look for it?




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10 y ago

The PNG format does not support blend modes, how do you want them to be maintained given that fact?
Normally, an image should maintain its look, is there some transparency, what kind of particular files give issues?

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10 y ago

What I've seen Flash and game developers do it export each layer as PNG w/transparency and set the blend mode from within their game/application.

To do this choose File > Scripts > Export Layers to Files...

In the dialog, choose:

1. 'PNG-24' as the File Type
2. Enable 'Transparency'
3. 'Trim Layers' to remove empty/transparent areas of the layers

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