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Wed, Feb 12, 2020 8:00 PM

Photoshop: Is there a Brush/Tool to Increase Opacity?

In Photoshop CC, is there an easy way of increasing the opacity of a layer via a tool, but not add additional color? I know regular brush adds color (RGB values) and opacity (Alpha values). I am looking for a way of only adding to the opacity values of already present colors, while leaving the actual RGB values alone. Sort of like an eraser in reverse?
I know how to do it on a selection (quick mask, adjust the levels, unquick mask, fill with color) but that is very cumbersome to do on small areas.
Does anyone know of a method to do this? If not I would love to see a tool or plugin that could


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8 months ago

Howdy Tommy,
What about creating a copy of your existing layer and use blending modes to get the effect you're looking for?  Just a thought and a lot easier.

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8 months ago

The first part of your description sounds exactly what a layer mask (not quick) would do:
just start fully black and use a white brush to increase opacity

or if by opacity you mean brightness:
for this you should use adjustment layers (curves/levels)
change their blending mode to luminosity (this allows change only in brightness and not in colour)
and use the adjustment layers layermask to locally increase brightness