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Thu, Feb 2, 2012 10:42 PM

Photoshop is running slowly on my system, and I don't know why

You guys have taken a great thing Photoshop and made it into the biggest crap software I have ever seen, I just downloaded the newest version for my brand new 8 core Pentium I7 computer. The software crashes periodically and bogs my system down like no other program on my computer. I used to use photoshop as a powerhorse and it wa sreliable, stable and trouble free. How can I get back to those days??? You guys took a great thing, added way too many features, changed the way basic functionalities worked that were intuitive and self explanitory and made this into a complicated memory and processor intensive piece of crap software. This sucks big time for me and my company. How do I get an old verison again , please send me back tot he days of phtooshop 6 and help


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9 years ago

Hi Lorenzo,

Sorry you're having trouble. It sounds to me like there is some sort of conflict or system specific issue going on. Photoshop should not crash periodically or bog your system down.

What OS are running Photoshop on?

What troubleshooting steps have you tried?

Do you have all the Photoshop updates installed?

Do you have have any 3rd party plug-ins installed?

What video card/driver are you using? Do you have the latest drivers?

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