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Wed, Aug 7, 2013 1:05 PM

Photoshop: Is it possible to change the default file format for Save As?

I like working with layers in Photoshop. But, in 9 out of 10 images, I don't save as psd - just as jpg. Which means, every time I run Save As, I have to scroll down and change to jpg. I'm a photojournalist, and do this multiple time everyday. This 3-second-operation adds up to hours during a working year. What I would REALLY like to be able to, is to be able to choose jpg as my default file format. That would be a huge time saver, not having to scroll down that menu and choose jpg.And, even better: In addition, be able to choose a default image quality and bypass the "Jpeg options" that pops up every time I want to save my jpegs. And, chose my own prefered/default folder to save my jpegs. (Today you can chose Save As to Original Folder. If not checked, Photoshop will use your last folder. What I'm asking is being able to always save to a specific folder as a default).All in all, the Save As function could benefit from a real brushin up. Lots of little tweaks that can be done there :)


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7 years ago

Just create an action that saves as JPEG with your desired settings.

The default should remain PSD, since that will save all your data (JPEG can't save layers and other important things).

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4 years ago

I agree with Erlend, for the exact same reasons.  Please add his observation to the wishlist for the next upgrade.

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3 years ago

Have you attempted to create an action?
After recording an action, you are able to just play it back and it will save to the default folder of your choosing. 

Since you are a photojournalist, it may be wise to keep a back up as PSD format.