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Mon, Dec 30, 2019 10:59 PM

Photoshop : Interface brightness flickering issue

Hello !

The Photoshop background (with or without photo) shows rapidly white flashing using some tools like brush and clone or just selecting a layer

I tried every kind of solution and still no ones fixed it, I know you may say it's a driver issue but I uninstalled all installed drivers version and installed latest updates even the creator updates from nvidia.

When I switched to Affinity Photo I had the same issue but found a fix, in their performance option there's a WARP option when I selected it, problem was gone.

I know there's many other peoples like me having this issue and I ask you please fi you can take a look at this WARP feature (Windows Advanced Rasterization Platform) here is a link where you can find more infos about it :

Thanks Adobe Team !


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