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Wed, Dec 4, 2019 4:28 AM


Photoshop: Installer will not work on my MacBook pro

I purchased a subscription for Photoshop a few days ago, and after a few days of trying and a few hours on the phone with Apple I am. I have a MacBook Pro that I initially was using the Mojave operating system.  After contacting Apple Support, they recommended that I upgrade to Catalina, which I did.  I am able to download the installer, but when I open it up and then double click the icon to install, the app pops up on my dock, jumps for a few seconds, and then disappears. I have tried deleting and reinstalling several times, as well as trying to install in safe mode.  This is only an issue with Photoshop.  I was successfully able to download Creative Cloud with no issues at all.


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Hi. Ashley Benedum

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Did you try installing from the Creative Cloud app?