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Sat, Oct 27, 2018 5:00 PM


Photoshop: Indicate the brush and configuration used in each layer

The idea that I propose I think isn't available in Photoshop since I haven't found anything related to it in the manuals.

In many occasions a lot of layers are used and each of them contains a brush stroke different from the other. The same happens when a path is contoured.

I think it would be great for Photoshop to save the brush information in the layer along with the settings and color used at that moment so that when you change the layer you can recover it again if you want the brush and the state that was used in that moment.


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2 years ago

That is not possible at the moment in Ps indeed, but I was able to make it using my abilities :D

If you would like to try it send me a message via regular Adobe Photoshop forum to Kukurykus