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Wed, Aug 6, 2014 12:07 PM

PHOTOSHOP: Inconsistent color picker behaviour

If I apply the blending option "Color overlay" to an object and then click on the color in Blending options (to open the color picker) none of the fields are selected, and I have to manually select one (usually the HEX) and highlight the text myself.

This is the only place where the color picker behaves like this (that I have found) and I find this inconsistency very annoying. Usually clicking the color icon or a thumbnail on an fill or shape layer brings up the color picker with the text in the HEX field preselected so I can just paste in a color code or type one in right away (very handy!)

Bellow are two images that show how the color picker usually works (the first image) and how it works in when editing a color in Blending Options > Color overlay (second image)


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5 years ago

Agreed. It would also save time to have the hex field available directly on the overlay screen for easy updating of colours (eliminate the extra step of opening the picker).